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There are so many options in planning your wedding cake, it can be a daunting task! We can help guide you and make sure that we match you with the right supplier to suit your needs. The things that need considering when choosing your cake are as follows:

What type of theme is your wedding?
Is it a traditional ceremony, a contemporary wedding or is there a specific theme. Would you like a fun cake, aimed at a particular situation or joke rather than the theme?

Would you like a tiered cake?
Would you like tiers stacked centrally or offset? Cakes can also have hidden supports and be blocked with fresh or sugar flowers. Traditional cakes could be stacked with pillars or a specialist cake stand can be used.

Will the cake be used as a dessert?
Will it be served at the end of the meal with coffee or served in the evening?

How many guests is it to serve?
You need to make sure that you have enough to round, but don't want an unnecessarily large cake that will be wasted.

What flavours should it be?
What flavours do you like? It's nice to offer guests a selection by having a few different flavours.

What shape should it be?
Round and square tend to be the most popular cake shapes but heart, hexagonal or oval can all make for a unique design or a mixture of shapes has become extremely popular.

What decorations would you like?
Anything can adorn your cake, fresh flowers, sugar flowers or even a bride and groom topper that has been modelled on you. The ideas are endless and we believe anything is possible.

Once you have made this important decision, we will arrange for a consultation where you can sample the flavours on offer and discuss your requirements in full detail.

If you would like to talk to us about your ideal wedding cake then please contact us by calling 07411 332121 or sending an email to

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