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Firstly, if you have no time to view venues, then trust in us as a wedding planner, we will save you time and money!  we can do the venue sourcing for you.  Bringing it down to 1 or 2 venues for you to view and make a decision on.

Your wedding venue determines the style of your wedding so it’s no wonder that finding the perfect one for you can be both a daunting and very time-consuming task. Throughout the UK, there are thousands of wedding venues from castles to golf clubs, country houses, hotels, museums, stadiums and racecourses available for people to hold their wedding receptions, that’s without considering venues abroad. Unless you intend to spend all your spare time viewing wedding venues, how do you find the perfect wedding venue for you?

Don’t start searching or viewing venues until you have finalized your wedding budget and guest list. Those two factors are critical in selecting wedding venues so resist the temptation of viewing venues until you know how much you can spend and how many guests will be coming. You could otherwise end up with a venue that is too big (a costly mistake) or too small (a very embarrassing mistake), or overspend and end up with a big wedding debt, which is definitely not a way to start your married life.

From the start you need to establish your ceremony requirements to help determine if you need everything in one location or not. Next, with your partner, write down a series of 5 to 8 key points that the venue must meet (i.e in/outside London; with or without on-site accommodation, with or without sound limit). This list will help you rule out inappropriate venues, saving you time. Always revert back to your initial list when viewing venues to make sure they fit with what you’re looking for.

Establish tight geographical parameters, saying “within 2 hours of London

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