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Ped Events Floral Designs is all about the creation of exquisite floral arrangements to enhance every kind of occasion.   We continue to expand our love of design and pass that knowledge onto the future brides that step through our doors looking for elegance, style and a wonderful way through floral art to create the day that they have dreamed of: Their wedding day.

We aim to create on your wedding day an exquisite memory for you through flowers. The inspiration for your wedding event can develop in many ways, maybe from a moment you wish to capture, a favourite flower or theme can be the initial directive for your design.   Whatever the statement, style, mood or ambience that you wish to convey, be it opulent, simple, fun, intimate or modest, Ped Events with their knowledge and experience of flowers and decor will, from conception to liaising with your venue and other wedding professionals involved, create a floral display you have always dreamed of.   It is always a thrill for us to be the florist of choice of any bride on such an important day .

It is the persistence for attention to every minute detail that we like to think sets us apart.  We specialize in wedding and event design and believe that everyone has a unique path and their floral décor should reflect this. No two celebrations should ever be the same. Your sense, style, personality, vision and passion should be evident in the choice of floral design for your venue.

These are a few things we love working with

Apart from an array of blooming  flowers Peony’s, Roses, Orchids to name just 3, buds, stems, pods,   curled vined and glistening berries, trees and plants of a vibrant green, branches, twigs, willow, intricate leaves, moss, succulents,  jewels, beads, baubles, smooth stones or pebbles, bits that sparkle or twinkle by candlelight, feathers, ornaments, shimmering  lanterns, mirrors, elegant  fabrics, ribbons.

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In order to help you pick the right flowers, we feel that it helps to know a little bit about why we use flowers in our ceremonies and what different  types of flowers signify, so we have put together the following short guide.

A Brief History of Bridal Flowers

Carrying flowers by the bride has its roots in ancient times. Strong smelling herbs and spices were thought to ward off and drive away evil spirits, bad luck and ill health. Garlic and chives were popular for the same reason. During Roman times, this tradition was extended, with the bride and groom wearing  floral  garlands  signifying new life and hope for fertility.

The bouquet symbolized a woman in bloom and during Victorian times, flowers took an additional significance, as lovers would send messages to each other using different flowers, with each flower having its own meaning. These associations were soon adopted for the bride's bouquets and are still used today by many brides.

The groom is supposed to wear a flower that appears in the Bridal Bouquet in his buttonhole. This stems from the medieval tradition of a Knight wearing his lady's colours, as a declaration of his love.

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