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Finishing Touches

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Every wedding is unique and special, the finishing touches of a wedding are what make it personal and helps bring out the personality of the bride and groom. This can range from simple things such as clever use of flowers, props or lighting to elements of design that are reflected throughout the venue, on the cake and in every suit and gown.

You may decide to have your table plan displayed on a vintage mirror or in a modern frame. You may want all the seating to have chair covers with sashes, or to be banqueting chairs. How about mood lighting, with a lit up dance floor or fairy lights scattered throughout drapes of fabric.

How about centrepieces for the tables, have you considered large impressive floral arrangements, vintage teapots or maybe just a simple vase with a submerged rose. Do you go for the Hollywood look with a red carpet? How about a more discrete, but no less impressive white carpet? Or how about no carpet at all, and simple flower petals showing the way?

Every fine detail reflects you, and they are all equally important. At PED Events there is no such thing as a small insignificant item, we see them as expressions of your character and we feel that every last one helps bring the wedding together and makes it yours.

If you would like to talk to us about the finishing touches for your wedding then please contact us by calling 07411 332121 or sending an email to

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